SOLIDWORKS — Mirror Part Sketching

SOLIDWORKS sketches are the core component of part modeling in SOLIDWORKS, and a clean sketch results in a clean model.  This video teaches how to use mirror elements in your sketching and focuses on creating mirror parts using dynamic sketching and the mirror entities tool.  The dynamic mirroring tool will create mirrored elements in real-time so you can conceptualize your design as it is being made.  If you are unable to find the dynamic mirror tool, it is located under the tools tab in the sketch tools section.  The mirror entities tool allows you to quickly mirror and copy finished sketch elements within the same sketch.  Using these tools, you will be able to quickly create mirror parts in SOLIDWORKS.
For more quick tips using SOLIDWORKS, we have created a high-quality Tips and Tricks playlist designed to help you quickly solve problems and learn new skills using SOLIDWORKS at Thanks for watching!