SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Tutorial - Arbitrary Group Approval

It is common for multiple groups to approve documents. In SOLIDWORKS PDM we handle this with the “Parallel” transition type. With this transition type, a minimum of one person from each specified group must approve for the file to be approved. This works great when all groups approve all files. This type of transition can also be used if there are specified approval conditions so that one parallel transition can be created for condition. But, what to do when the desire is for the designer to decide which groups need to approve when he submits it for approval?
This video goes over how to set up a recursive approval loop for this last situation. With this method of approval, the one who submits the file can select which groups need to approve at the time he submits his file for approval. We use automatic transitions and conditions in those transitions to route the file either back for more approvals or forward once all required approvals have been obtained.