SOLIDWORKS PDM Query for Logged in Users

Keeping track of how many SOLIDWORKS PDM licenses are being used is important so that your company can know when it is time to order more licenses. Administrators can look at the number of licenses currently in use by opening the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool, select “License: License Usage”. This will give them an accurate count of who is currently logged in and how many licenses are currently in use. However, this information isn’t saved automatically. 
In order to track license usage the instantaneous license information must be saved. The best place to save this information is in a database so the information can be queried as desired. 
In this video I will show you how to collect the information of who is currently logged in to SQL. This should closely track with how many licenses are currently in use. Additionally, this video will show how to save this information into a new SQL database and table.
In a later video we will discuss how to automate the running of this SQL query.

Quick Tip presented by Jim Ward of GoEngineer.

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