SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Tutorial - Automatic Log-Off using the SNL Manager Options File

This tutorial goes over how to use the Options File within the SolidNetwork License Manager so that your PDM Standard CAD Editor licenses return to the server when not in use. PDM licenses are floating licenses, which make them ideal for environments where you have more users than available licenses and only a few of those users need full-time/constant access to the vault. With this method, users that belong to other groups like managers, document control, or manufacturing who only need occasional access to the vault don’t always have to remember to manually log-out of PDM to release a license when they are done working in the vault. The end result is that the SNL Manager will take of the busywork of making sure that licenses aren’t being taken up when not in use and that your full-time users and designers will always have the license they need when they need it.

Quick Tip presented by Miguel de Villa of GoEngineer.

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