SOLIDWORKS PDM Tutorial Part 1 – Installing PDM Client without SOLIDWORKS

When working in a SOLIDWORKS PDM environment there are times that you need to install a PDM Vault View on a client system that does not have or need an install of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. This first video of a 2 part series is a quick video on install of the PDM client for either PDM Professional or PDM Standard using the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager so that all the required Prerequisites are also installed. THE CORRECT WAY. Part 2 will show case the creation of a Vault view on the root of the C: drive of the client system. In this first video we will also go into the different license types. A typically install on a system that has SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD installed we would install a PDM CAD Editor license. On a system without SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD we would typically use a PDM Contributor or PDM View license. These are all separate and different license types and we here at GoEngineer can get you pricing on any of these different license types.