SOLIDWORKS PDM Tutorial – Settings Only PDM Test Vault

Mike Nolte, Elite Applications Engineer, here with a PDM tech tip. There are times that you need a Settings Only PDM Test Vault to try out different things like changes to File Data Cards or new ideas for Workflows, all before moving them to the Production PDM vault, thus shorting any disruption time. In this video we go through the process of creating a settings .cex file from your existing production vault and then create a new test vault, using those setting. It’s a very quick process to implement and then you can test changes without 1) getting onto the PDM server 2) causing havoc on the Production PDM vault while others are actively using it. This process works for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and PDM Professional. To learn more about SOLIDWORKS and Computer Assisted Design (CAD) or Product Data Management (PDM), you can find more high-quality and useful SOLIDWORKS tutorial videos at for more information about our SOLIDWORKS PDM.