SOLIDWORKS, Scanning, Rockets and FUN

Darin at GoEngineer is back with another EPIC project!  This time, Darin relives a great part of his childhood while showing his girls how to create Rockets that really fly!

Hobby rockets are available at most craft stores, but on Team Grosser, we never do anything small!  We want MORE Flights and More Rockets but at a lower cost.  :)

We will show you how to use SOLIDWORKS to design amazing, custom creations, and explore some great data acquisition capabilities thru 3D Scanning.

Of course, it's rare that one of my projects doesn't include some Additive Manufacturing, so we go right from CAD to Reality to Launch Site with FDM 3D Printing.

Any activity that gives me quality time with my kids is a winner, but when I can combine my love of Engineering and a chance to teach them how the world works, that's just a bonus!

It's all a recipie for FUN!