Composites in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: How does your Design Stack Up - Webinar

This simulation webinar demonstrates how we use the Composites module in Simulation Premium. We'll use SOLIDWORKS Simulation’s capabilities to determine the structural validity of composite stack-up designs.
The webinar begins with a general introduction to composite materials using typical examples while discussing the material’s advantages and disadvantages compared to metals. We’ll then switch to SOLIDWORKS and illustrate how to define the plies on a shell mesh. This definition contains all the information about ply thickness, fiber angle, and material properties. After our stack-up is defined, we’ll take a look at the material property details and how to input the orthotropic material properties correctly. Finally, we look at results and methods for failure prediction. The maximum stress, Tsai Hill, and Tsai Wu failure criterion are introduced. We explain when they should be used and how to interpret their results.

The webinar concludes with a short introduction to the composites analysis and design tools available on the 3DExperience platform.

Products Mentioned:
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium
3DExperience - SIMULIA