SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks — Print Drawings

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This video is about using SOLIDWORKS’ built-in task scheduler to periodically print your new drawings.  Using the tips from our other video, Drawing Creation Automation, you can have drawings automatically created and exported in various formats or printed at a designated time, and can quickly create an effective catalog of your finished parts.

SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler is a program included in the SOLIDWORKS suite.  Independent of the core SOLIDWORKS software, this program can run specific tasks and can even execute macros at any given time the computer is turned on, to be ran periodically or a single time.  If used correctly and creatively, the Task Scheduler can save time doing monotonous, mind-numbing work and can help you focus on the more important and complicated aspects of your work.

At GoEngineer, we are always working on finding more useful ways to utilize the SOLIDWORKS suite.  Because of this, we have our own SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks playlist on our Youtube page at to help you become better at using SOLIDWORKS software.

This video was created by Christopher Nelson at GoEngineer