SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Circular Sweep on a Curved Surface

In this video we will create circular swept profile on a curved surface to create a golf putter hosel. To start we will create several sketch profiles on the front plane and right planes. In these sketches we will make sure that our sketched meet the design intent of lie angle specification. We will then take this sketch and create an extruded surface. We will then create a new sketch on the right plane that meets the design intent of height and offset. We then use the Project Curves command to project the 2nd sketch on the plane of the curved surface. We then use a SWEPT BOSS/BASE command manger to define the circular profile and the diameter of the profile being swept. From here we cut the profile so we can add a golf shaft as well as a base so the hosel can be installed via gluing or welding to the putter head.

Quick Tip presented by David Cersley of GoEngineer.

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