SOLIDWORKS TUTORIAL - Concept to Creation Webinar - Rocket Design

Darin at GoEngineer takes you thru his process of going from that Idea in your head to something Real. We will go thru capturing a concept by using Napkin Sketches, Photos, other digital sources and even discuss the possibilities of using Scan Data. Once in SOLIDWORKS, we will look at leveraging what we know to create something unique but using good Design Intent, we will guard against what is virtually certain during any design.......CHANGE!! Satisfied with a concept, we will 'product' our parts thru readily available sources and then test our product to see if it performs as anticipated. This test data naturally will show us what works well, but more importantly, what we need to improve drastically, or where simple tweaks might be desirable. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, these steps can be applied to make the idea you have trapped in our head absolutely REAL!! Look out for future videos from Darin @ Go and follow me on Twitter to see my video creation as it happens!! @GOwithDarin Also, follow us on Social media to get updates on what's new in the SOLIDWORKS universe!! 

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