SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Costing Template Setup

Let's be honest....... Cost Estimation is SCARY!!  Manual Costing can vary greatly from job to job, and if more than one person at a company does it, then forget about consistency all together!  Providing an inaccurate estimate can lose a job 2 ways....either by pricing your way OUT of a job or Losing money on a job you wish you hadn't "won"!!

With SOLIDWORKS Costing, you can eliminate the stress and variability of the task by automating the process of Cost Estimation on Sheet Metal Parts, Milled and Turned Parts, Plastic and 3D Printed parts, and Weldments.

Using the same 'setting' from job to job gain instant repeatability, while greatly reducing the time it takes to manually determine what one 'thinks' the part will cost.

We need to take into account things like Stock Material Costs your company uses, what setup and run operations cost, the Material Removal Rates and Cutting Speeds or your unique equipment, and even Scrap Costs, Secondary operations like plating and deburring, and even Discount costs can be account for, all AUTOMATICALLY!!

In this video we cover how to setup and capture the variables necessary to properly estimate the material and manufacturing costs on several types of geometries.