SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Custom Materials

SOLIDWORKS has a wide variety of different materials already configured in the materials library, including metals, plastics, glass, carbon fibers, silicon, and wood. Sometimes, however, you may find that you need a material that is not available in the materials library. SOLIDWORKS understands that there is not a material option available for every material that exists, so they made it easy for you to add your own custom materials. This quick-tip video will guide you through the process of creating your very own, custom material. It will show how to use the search bar to double check that your material does not already exist, how to create your own category folders, how to create your own material from scratch, how to create a material based on an existing material, and finally, how to apply your custom material to your part. After you add your own materials, the materials will be stored in your material library. This means that the custom materials will be available for each new part you create!