SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Display States Within Configurations

In this video we will create a prat that has multiple configurations and within these configurations we will create multiple display states. I Love competing and each event whether it’s a Running Event, Spartan, or Triathlon they usually give you a finishers medallion. I always joke they are participation awards unless you win however that’s for a different type of video content. SO over the past 10 years I have well over 50 medallions and I was going thru my closet for a yard sale and saw these laying in a box and thought I should get these hung up for display. Problem Medallions laying around un-displayed. Solution: Make a 3d Printable Medallion hanger. Now in order to do this I was going to need a part that has multiple configurations (different event styles and distances). I made a base part then created configurations for each event distance. I then created a display state within the configuration so that I could view them in different finishes.  To create the configuration, I simply clicked on the main part and clicked on add configuration. Then I made a new configuration with the title SBR for Swim Bike Run. Next, we extruded the font. Lastly, I want to create a new display state so in the configuration manager at the bottom I clicked on display state. Right Click on display state, click on add new display state and added one called SBR-RWB. I then applied colors from the Appearances, Scenes, and Decal tab within the Task Plane o the right side of your screen. Now that I have all my configurations and display states all I have to do is 3dPrint and hang them on the wall.