SOLIDWORKS TUTORIAL - Downloading Hardware for an Assembly

In this video we will add hardware to our assembly. How can I do this knowing I have SOLIDWORKS Standard and toolbox is not included? If we were using SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium we could add the hardware from the toolbox. Knowing this we need to download some hardware, to do this I would recommend creating a folder on your network drive called Hardware, the create sub folders like Screws, Nuts Bolts…you get the gist. I then make sure my design library is connected to the hardware folder. This will give easy access to the hardware we need. Let’s start with the downloading our parts. After we download, run virus scan, then open the file. Once open you can save into your library folder. With the hardware open you may want to add a plane or an axis to make it easier to mate the parts in the assembly. Now open our assembly and draw and drop into our assembly. We can then mate the parts quickly I prefer the holding down of the ALT key to do the mates this saves me time. Now that you have one you can pattern the hardware to complete the assembly.