SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Drawings Tips and Tricks

2D Drawings are STILL the 'old standby' go to deliverable for most design communication. They are also called "Detailing" for a reason! 2D Drawings can be tedious and time consuming, with allot of duplication of effort if you aren't careful. Darin @ GoEngineer has a list of features he things you should be aware of, if you aren't already using them constantly already. In this webinar we will show live demonstration of things like: -Bills of Materials BOM's -Balloons -Dimensions and Detailing -Drawing View Tools -Markup -Drawing Options -Detailing Mode -Alternate Position View for Assemblies and Parts This 45 minute webinar is sure to reveal functionality you did know you had. :) All "Tips and Tricks" presentations are different, so if there is something you'd like to see presented, you can always let us know. Follow me on Twitter @GOwithDarin Also, follow us on Social media to get updates on what's new in the SOLIDWORKS universe!!