SOLIDWORKS Tutorial How to Obtain Certification Exam Vouchers

Once you decide to get Certified in SOLIDWORKS, then your next step is to find out how to get free Exam Vouchers.  Come and learn how to obtain free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam Vouchers in this quick three-step process.  While replacing the mobile phone texting voucher system, SOLIDWORKS is now offering an additional exam voucher per user, bringing the new total available certification vouchers per SOLIDWORKS user to three every six months.  These SOLIDWORKS Certification Vouchers can also be shared with others as well.  In addition, Specialty topic exam titles have been added to the list that are now eligible for free certification exam vouchers; for example, you will now find the Simulation, MBD, Electrical, CAM, and PDM certification exams among the new offerings.  With 17 SOLIDWORKS Certification exams currently available, there is bound to be at least one certification exam that will interest you and help to further your career.  So, what are you waiting for?  If you love SOLIDWORKS and know all about it, step right up and earn your industry certification today!