SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Importing DWG

The eDrawings markup tool is a design review tool used to add comments, annotations, and corrections to engineering parts, drawings, and assemblies. It allows users to communicate quickly and efficiently concerning the design of their parts, assemblies, and drawings with both SOLIDWORKS and non-SOLIDWORKS users. This is accomplished thanks to the markup tool's ability to add features such as geometric elements, labels, clouds, text, dimensions, shapes, images, and comments directly into eDrawings files and native SOLIDWORKS files. In this video, we will discuss how to access and use the markup tool and these features within eDrawings. We will also discuss what a *.markup file type is and how to save it out of eDrawings, as well as explore the ability to customize your markup options to differentiate yourself from other reviewers. Finally, we will talk about inserting eDrawings markups into SOLIDWORKS so that we can view the markups in a SOLIDWORKS drawing, skipping the step of opening eDrawings, to make our design revisions as efficient as possible.This video goes in depth on how to import a DWG into a SOLIDWORKS drawing and then the clean up steps to deliver a PDF at the end. it'll demystify the process, and ease your worries, when bringing in DWGs, whether from legacy data, or from your customers. you will be able to get the most out of the import and save yourself time. We will go over some of the pit falls and warnings that may occur during the import process, as well as take a look at all the importing options to minimize the post processing once in SOLIDWORKS.