SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Large Assembly Best Practices

Repost of a recorded webinar entitled surfacing for solid modelers. This video is an introduction to surfacing features that can augment existing solid modeling practices. This will explain some theory behind these tools along with providing practical examples of how to use these to features to easily obtain more complex geometry. Some of the functionalities demonstrated are how to create surface bodies from solid bodies, how to repair imported geometry and how to augment solid features with surface bodies.This is a recording of the Webinar on April 23, 2020 during the COVID-19 Quarantine.  It begins with a video about Supported Self Paced training and then we briefly discuss our Work from Home Options.  Then we cover the details of the webinar which is how to define a large assembly, what goes on under the hood (behind the scenes) when opening a file, where are we opening the file from, what hardware should we have, what are the different ways to open/access a large assembly file, mate best practices, mate errors, rebuild, image quality and influence of detail.

3:00 Welcome
5:00 Design From Home Resources
7:15 Agenda
8:00 What is a Large Assembly
9:00 Opening Assemblies: Under the Hood
16:20 File Open Options:
17:15 1. Lightweight
18:44 2. Large Assembly Mode
19:40 3. Large Design Review
22:15 4. SpeedPak
24:05 Assembly Tools
27:30 Mates and Rebuilding
32:30 3rd Party Data
35:00 Image Quality and Part File Recommendations