SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Limiting Motion Using Limit Distance Mates

This video works through two examples on how to use the limit distance mate to limit motion within an assembly. The limit distance mate is an advanced mate option which adds the capability of creating a range of allowed motion for parts and subassemblies in an assembly. This allows you to create assemblies that behave as they would in the real world, whether that be a pneumatic cylinder that only extends as far as its stroke length or cabinet drawers that are constrained by the motion of their drawer slides. This video will take you through these two examples, although the applications for the limit mate are endless. As shown in this video, limit distance mates can be used multiple times in one assembly or with other mate types to create even more advanced motion. The capability of being able to constrain your assemblies to particular ranges of motion allows you to create complex and lifelike movement, and helps you to understand potential interferences before the assembly is manufactured and assembled.