SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Managing External References in Library Feature Parts

This tutorial goes over several tips and techniques on how to efficiently design library feature parts and manage the creation of external references within them. Such techniques include methods such as creating dummy solids, hiding and showing solid bodies while sketching, and creating construction sketches and planes to orient and position sketch geometry. We also look at some inefficient and overly complicated library features and the simple errors that cause them to require more external references than desired. Several commands such as Display/Delete references can help a user analyze what external references they are creating as well as asses the geometry dependencies between their features. By carefully planning out the features in the original part, it is possible to create simple and easy-to-use library features out of any SOLIDWORKS model. 

00:22 Problem Statement & Design Intent 
02:54 How to make a Bad Library Feature 
06:51 How to make a Good Library Feature 
07:36 Tip#1: Use Convert Entities to designate edges/face for desired external references 
08:27 Tip#2: Always hide solid bodies and other geometry you don't need 
09:00 Tip#3: Create custom sketches and reference planes to be used/included with desired library features 
10:58 Tip#4: Position sketches with relations to custom reference planes and sketches 
16:16 Summary