SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Optimizing Golf Design

In this webinar we will be focused on how we use SOLIDWORKS to design golf equipment, how simulation can validate design theories and how AI or Topology Optimization could change the way golf putters look.  To start we will create sketch contours and using global variables we save this as a template we can use to quickly make a model. 

From here we looked at the traditional putter designs regarding hosel locations and we created configurations so we can evaluate the putters and how center and off-center impact will affect performance. We created a third hosel location that places the outer diameter of the golf shaft tangent to the outside diameter of the golf ball. We then did a comparative measure of the CG properties of each configuration. 

We then took these configurations and set up a motion analysis where the putters were evaluated for on center, ¼” toe ward impacts and ¼” heelward impacts. We then plotted the results for evaluation. Once we had the data, we were pleasantly surprised that one of our configurations significantly outperformed the others. 

Lastly, we took an in-depth look at Topology Optimization and how we can leverage this powerful technology. So, we looked at the current mallot style putters on the market. We combined profiles and created a large block with a known hosel location and 2 fixed 10-gram weights. We then ran Topology Optimization with goals of 380 grams final weight and optimize the design using a strength to weight ratio. Once we got the result, we took the profile and using the slicing tool created multiple profiles that we used lofts to create a SOLIDWORKS model. The result was amazing!