SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Sketch Contours

In this video we will make a Golf Putter very efficiently using templates, global variables, equations and short cut tool bars. We will start by opening a part template, we will then use the Part Shortcut tool bar to extrude a part a discrete distance driven by a global variable we defined in our template. Let’s talk about sketch contours, for those that have attended one of our Advanced classes we use sketch contours. Think of it as having zones or sketch profiles that we can turn into a feature. We will use a sketch to create an extruded surface that we will extrude the bumpers of our putter up to. Lastly, we will create the hosel. The hosel is the feature of the putter that the golf shaft is glued to. We will make the initial hosel then create multiple configurations so we can run simulation to evaluate what hosel position that allows golfers to play their best.