This webinar covers the general workflow from CAD to Sell. Publishing an online eCommerce configurator from CAD data has never been easier! Simply turn on the Add-on in SOLIDWORKS group your configured components and publish to the web via i-Frame. In this webinar we explore several different files from the Tesla Cyber Truck to custom BBQ to a highly customized Lego character all integrated into the SOLIDWORKS Sell platform. Starting with the CAD file in SOLIDWORKS, doctor up all the configurations and components that you want to vary in the Sell interface, then turn on the Sell Add-on and publish the components. Next group components and add variability (color, links and if then conditions). Lastly preview the edits and combinations to sense they reflect your product. A SOLIDWORKS Sell preview also aids in the confirmation of the setup. Lastly link the Sell container to your website via i-frame interface (html) and you’re set. All updates are accounted for on the Sell side so website compatibility, platform and/or updates are all taken care of, great peace of mind for both your business and customers.

This webinar was brought to you by GoEngineer and presented by Adam Hughes.