SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Using Planes, Axes for Pattern on Cylindrical Surfaces

In this video we will create Golf ball using Planes, creating axes with planes and Circular patterns. In order to get the dimple patterns to properly revolve around the perimeter of the golf ball. I start by creating Axis between two planes. When I select this method wherever the two planes selected intersect with each other an Axis is created. In this demo we create Axes using the Front Right and Top planes that SOLIDWORKS has already given us. I center my initial sketch on the front plane and revolve the profile around the vertical Axis I created earlier. Using my initial drawing I repeated these steps to create the multi-bodied design, in this case we made a 5 layer or piece golf ball. Each of these layers has different thicknesses and each one has very different material properties this allows the ball will perform. We the do another revolve seep of a disc shaped profile this will be our seed profile feature. Original Golf ball dimples were disc shaped until the advent of FEA and we could simulate the flow of air around the golf ball and how different dimple shapes can change performance. Next, we will create circular geometry along one side of the gold ball using patterns to the original seed feature at discreet angles. We will create 9 of these at 10-degree increments. We do these individually so we can come back and change the number of dimples in the pattern as the ball profile changes. Once we have all the patterns in the top half of the golf ball, we simple mirror the bodies to complete our ball design.