SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Using Planes, Split Lines, Offset Surfaces and Thickened Cut

In this video we will create a golf ball using Split Line, Offset Surface, Thickened Cut and Circular Pattern features.  We start with taking a sketch and making a circular pattern of some lines in our sketch. Using the endpoints of these lines we can create new planes for our hexagonal shapes to split the surface with. Once we have the sketch fully defined we can use the split line command to project the sketch onto the circular surface. In order to get the hexagonal split line to cut at a uniform depth while maintaining the curvature of the ball profile, I use Offset Surface with a value of 0.0mm to create a copy of the split face surface.  Then I clicked on the icon for the Thicken Cut feature.  This takes the Offset surface we just created and allows us to maintain its shape while we cut to a desired depth. This gave me the hex profile needed. I then repeated the steps above and when I have the top half of the ball designed, I used the mirror bodies command to complete the model of the golf ball.