SOLIDWORKS Tutorial Using Reference Geometry to Create Multibody Parts

In this video we will create A PLUMBERS NECK HOSEL FOR A GOLF PUTTER, using offset surfaces, sweeps and using reference geometry to create multibody parts. To start we have our base putter model that has a baseplate and a hexagon register. We offset the existing register geometry and extrude the profile; we leave Merge Bodies unchecked so we can create a multibody part. We extrude out base and then using a surface cut the top of the baseplate to match the putter topline. We then create a sketch add in our key dimensions. We then sweep the upright, we draft the top for the lie angle, and using this surface sweep the offset arm. We then create the shaft base, cut in a register for the shaft and fillet the edges. We can then save the bodies as putter and body. Once saved we can create an assembly with the putter head, body and the weights.

Quick Tip presented by David Cersley of GoEngineer.

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