SOLIDWORKS Tutorials: Getting Started — Basic Part Modeling

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The first time SOLIDWORKS is used, it may be confusing and overwhelming with the myriad of options presented.  The purpose of this video is to help you learn how to do the most basic of part modeling.  This video is perfect if you have never used any 3D modeling software before and shows some of the basic features of SOLIDWORKS.
SOLIDWORKS is a parametric-based 3D modeling software that uses 2D “sketches” to create 3D parts.  This video goes over the creation of a part using the extruded boss/base, the extruded cut and the fillet features.  It also teaches basic sketch creation using smart dimensions.  Lastly, this video goes over basic drawing creation and teaches how to create third-angle projections and export these files as .png, .jpg, .pdf and as .dxf and Photoshop and Illustrator files.

This video was made by Chris Nelson of GoEngineer to keep improving your skills in SOLIDWORKS.