SOLIDWORKS Vibration from Beginning to End ( Simulation Webinar)

This is the third and final video in a three-part series covering Structural, Thermal, and Vibration simulations. This part of the series discusses vibration analysis available with different levels of SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages. The video gives an overview of the simulation packages. We discuss vibration analysis starting with a simple hand calculation to estimate stiffness to plug into a hand calculation, then we move to a frequency analysis to determine this same frequency and more. Then to determine displacements, we run a linear dynamic analysis, then finally a nonlinear dynamic analysis for a full results which includes both the loading and unloading of the design. 

0:00 Intro and Agenda 
0:46 Simulation Packages 
1:20 Fundamentals: Frequency
5:05 Fundamentals: Linear Dynamic 
9:37 Fundamentals: Nonlinear Dynamic 
10:40 Static Analysis Demo & Hand Calc 
15:56 Frequency Analysis Demo 
20:25 Linear Dynamic Demo 
29:15 Nonlinear Dynamic Demo 
40:14 Summary & Closing