SOLIDWORKS Webinar - The Best of Whats New in SOLIDWORKS 2020

It's that time again and Darin at GoEngineer is back to show you the BEST of What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2020.

We've boiled 200+ Enhancements down to a rapid fire 30 minutes of LIVE and Informative content showing you not only WHAT is new, but HOW to use it!  

In this webinar we will show live demonstration of things like:

-The new Detailing Mode
-How to define and use Flexible Components
-Controlling how and when External References can be applied
-A new take on Envelopes!!
-Improved user experience with Patterns and Mirroring in Assemblies
-How to easily repair broken Fillets (like you've never had one of those! :) )
-A great new flow to Offsetting Surfaces
-....and a fantastic look at the new SOLIDWORKS Sell

We will also discuss:

-Additions to Assembly Mates 
-Markup on Drawings 
-More improvements to Structure Systems
-3D Printing from right inside SOLIDWORKS
-Virtual Reality with eDrawings