Stratasys F123 - Safety

The F123 series of printer represents the best-in-class when it comes to versatile, office-friendly FDM 3D printing and shop floor support. - The F123 series platform was designed to be the most adaptable FDM solution ever produced by Stratasys since they invented the process over 30 years ago. These printers have a maximum noise output equivalent to that of a soft whisper. They operate on standard (110V) wall outlet power with a footprint 34 by 28 inches - slightly larger than a standard filing cabinet. - The modular print head design has enabled the F123 series systems to produce models in a wide range of engineering grade thermoplastic materials including PLA, ABS, ASA, PC-ABS blend, flexible TPU, and more on the way. - Unlike the vast array of entry level systems on the market, successful builds on the F123 series printers do not require any prior experience or knowledge with regard to the actual 3D printing process. The concept is digital geometry goes into the GrabCAD Print software and durable, accurate, repeatable parts out of the printer.

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