Stratasys FDM Aerospace Functional Prototypes

Stratasys FDM® (fused deposition modeling) 3D Printers offer unparalleled versatility to turn your CAD files into durable parts. These parts are tough enough to be used as advanced conceptual models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and production parts. Engineers can produce a wide variety of products just by loading different files and materials. No traditional machining process can do that. FDM systems are as versatile and durable as the parts they produce. The most advanced FDM 3D Printers boast the largest build
envelopes and material capacities in their class, delivering longer, uninterrupted build times, bigger parts and higher production run quantities than other additive manufacturing systems. Plus, they’re true production workhorses, delivering the high throughput, duty cycles and utilization rates that make digital manufacturing not only possible, but practical.

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