Stratasys FDM Flexible Elastomer TPU 92A

Now you can produce flexible yet durable prototypes on the FDM technology that closely mimic final parts made from rubbers, elastomers, and urethanes. Easily prototype complex and non-planar geometries. This material serves a wide range of industries from automotive to consumer goods— for both prototype and soft tooling applications. Additional applications limited only by your imagination. What’s more, support material for the FDM TPU 92A material is 100% soluble which provides fast, easy, hands-free post-processing. Because the F123 machines are office-friendly, it has a modular head design, so it is fairly easy and relatively inexpensive to drop in a new head that can print thermoplastic urethane. The FDM TPU 92A material also provides soluble support for fast and easy post-processing: it’s the same soluble support used with the ABS and ASA materials that wash away in detergent after the printing process is complete.

Additionally, the properties of the FDM TPU 92A material are superior to anything else currently available in the market. From comparing elongation to break, tear strength, or the flexural modulus, the FDM TPU 92A bests them all.

As an example, a 3D printed five-inch-long test strip of the FDM TPU 92A material would stretch 25 inches before it broke—a 500 percent elongation to break which will best specimens from made from all forms of other technologies.