Stratasys Insight Tutorial - Dial in Hole Size with Offset Curves Tool

In this video we take a look at a useful tool in Insight called “Offset Curves.”  This tool gives the ability to make tweaks to feature sizes such as thru bore diameters.  This tool is particularly helpful when making multiple prints of the same part.  Especially when seeking optimum fitment in an assembly.  
Say the part coming off the printer isn’t exactly true-to-size.  Rather than go back to SolidWorks and make changes to the model we can make on-the-fly revisions to the printed part without having to unnecessarily revise the actual part model.  This allows the print manager/operator the freedom he/she needs to create the truest representation of the part model without having to make unnecessary revisions.

This Insight tutorial was created by Tate Brown, one of GoEngineer’s Additive Manufacturing Applications Engineers.  The additive manufacturing team at GoEngineer works hard to create the content you need. Follow link for more information on training from GoEngineer.