Stratasys Polyjet used for creating medical device prototypes

The Stratasys J850 3D Printer and J835 are the only polyjet systems able to produce bold, full color, multi-material parts in a single print. Unprecedented versatility means you can now 3D print Pantone-approved colors, flexible materials, and the new Vero UltraClear transparent material simultaneously with No More Compromises. The Stratasys J850, will help you achieve best-in-class realism and quality without compromise. Create hyper realistic marketing models, functional shop floor tools, and precision prototypes all in the same print job.  The Stratasys J850 lets you print 7 materials at once. This improves R&D and reduces time to market by producing the most realistic and functional parts possible. The J850 is the next step in evolution for the wildly successful J750 3D printer. The additional material bay is not the only enhancement – Stratasys compiled and executed on the most common requests from J750 operators. An integrated workstation and touchscreen provides a simpler, more streamlined user experience. Newly-designed material cartridges offer more capacity (4000 grams), better reliability, and minimal waste. And if you are one of the many satisfied J750 users, don’t fret – the J750 is upgradeable to the new platform.

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