STRATASYS Polyjet What's New 2019

This video is a Webinar highlighting Stratasys' Polyjet product announcements for 2019.  This presentation begins with a thorough recap of Stratasys' revolutionary Polyjet 3D printing process. That is followed by detailed coverage of Stratasys' new polyjet products announced for the Fall of 2019 including the J750 Digital Anatomy Printer (DAP). The all new J850 (7 material) 3D printer, and the VeroUltraClear material. 
The J750 DAP is a product that incorporates 3 new materials and a new version of GrabCAD print software to enable 3D printing of anatomical models with the ability to simulate human biological tissues like bones, blood vessels, cartilage, discs, heart valves, and more capable of replacing expensive silicone models and in many cases eliminates the need for cadavers and animal test specimen.

The new J850 printer offers one additional material channel of the previous J750 3D printer along with many features like an integrated touch screen computer and ultra-high speed mode for quick iterative draft models.

The VeroUltraClear is the latest material for simulating glass, acrylic, and PMMA products with approximately %80 more clarity and less yellowing than the previous generation of VeroClear material.  Webinar presented by Mark Bashor of GoEngineer.