Stratasys Tutorial - Polyjet Head Cleaning

If you’ve got a new team member in your 3D Printer room asking, “How do you clean a Stratasys Polyjet systems heads?”; we’ve got a video that can answer that questions. This is quick guide to cleaning and maintaining your Polyjet system.

The Stratasys Polyjet technology is an advanced 3D Printing platform that uses acrylic photopolymer resins to build highly detailed, full dense, and multi-material (depending on the system) models for the medical, automotive, and consumer goods industries, to name a few, throughout the world. With the highly advanced jetting systems these machines use to distribute the resin, they need to be maintained/cleaned after each build to keep those jetting orifices open. This video is intended to answer that question of “How do I clean Polyjet Heads” with a simple tutorial of that process. Even with as advanced as these systems are, the process to clean a Stratasys Polyjet system, be it a J850, J750, Connex 500, Connex 350, Eden 500, Eden 260, or Desktop Polyjet 30Pro, 30 Prime and 24, the process is the same for all theses systems. If you own a Stratasys Polyjet, this video will help you maintain your system.