Stratasys Tutorial - Polyjet Roller Bath Removal

The Stratasys Polyjet technology is an advanced 3D Printing platform that uses acrylic photopolymer resins to build highly detailed, full dense, and multi-material (depending on the system) models for the medical, automotive, and consumer goods industries, to name a few, throughout the world. This process requires a roller and blade to remove a small portion of that material to create a flat surface for the following layers. The Polyjet roller bath assembly needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure a high-quality product off the technology. This video applies to the big box Stratasys Polyjet Printers like the J850, J835, J750, J735, Connex 500, Connex 350, Connex 260, Eden 500, Eden 350, Eden 333, and Eden 260. (these are several examples but other versions of the above mentioned will also apply) This video is intended demonstrate and answer thee, “How do I remove/clean a Polyjet Roller Bath” question for anyone on your team.