SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020: Interface Enhancements!

by Shaun Bentley

There are a few enhancements and tweaks that either didn’t make it into the What’s New guide or might be placed in a section that you may have missed.  This article will show the somewhat obscure changes in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Interface Enhancements Stress Plot

You can now set your stress plots to average stresses at mid-side nodes per plot after running the study.

Find Materials Faster

A search bar was added to the material database so you can find your materials faster.

Simulation Tree

Collapse Tree

You can hide excluded components and collapse tree items to clean up your simulation tree.

If you have a network license with multiple versions of SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can now select which specific license you’d like to pull without having to shuffle license orders.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Interface Enhancements

Some new results folder checks were added to warn users when they are running simulations over a network, on an external drive, low on disk space, and finally to check for negative jacobians.

Default Options Tweaks

If you’ve ever customized your SOLIDWORKS Simulation Default Options, you will want to watch out for these new tweaks as well!

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Interface Enhancements

SOLIDWORKS has added a new heading to the Default options called “Contact”.  Now you can toggle compatible meshes for new studies.  As of the beta release of 2020, this toggle is set to “off” by default.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Interface Enhancements

Set the default check for number of jacobian points to 16 points instead of 4.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Interface Enhancements

Color charts now default to 10 colors instead of 12 so you’ll have cleaner increments.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Interface Enhancements

Bumped up the default color plot fonts a pinch to make the text a bit easier to read.  This used to be 8 point.

Interested in learning more about what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2020, check out our collection of  videos here.

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