SOLIDWORKS 2020 New Products and Features

New Products and Features

SOLIDWORKS 2020 delivers new features to help designers innovate while increasing productivity. Both new and advanced 3D CAD users can improve their design skills with best practices using these new tools.

Check out our top five new tools new in SOLIDWORKS 2020 that are raising the bar in 3D CAD functionality.

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Get a detailed look at new features & enhancements to SOLIDWORKS 2020.








SOLIDWORKS 2020 part modeling features include enhancements to mesh BREP bodies, a new Decimate mesh tool, auto repair for missing fillet and chamfer edges/faces, and much more. SOLIDWORKS 2020 CAD enhancements are designed to improve the user experience and include improved functionality to aid in your design to manufacturing process.


Large Assembly Design Review Mode: SOLIDWORKS 2020

Large Assembly Design Review Mode, when activated, loads models quickly so users can manipulate, measure, and section models to accurately review designs.

Silhouette Entities What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2020

New in SOLIDWORKS 2020, If only I could have had access to Silhouette Entities at the beginning of my SOLIDWORKS career, I could have saved so much time.

What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2020 – Detailing Mode

With the release of SolidWorks 2020 and the introduction of ‘Detailing Mode’,drafters can use ‘Detailing Mode’ to open large drawings quickly.







SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 enhancements expand granular control on study setup. Top features include beam elements now support thermal conditions, mesh quality can now be assigned on individual bodies, and bolt connectors now provide distributed loads for even more accurate results. See these features and what’s new for Flow Simulation, Simulation Evaluator, Plastics, and more in these videos.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Articles

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020 – Specifying Altitude

New in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020 it is possible to specify the altitude of the system you are setting up. This enhancement makes it easier to work with different scenarios when using Parametric Studies in Flow Simulation. 

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Flow Simulation Fan Derating – New!

Learn about a new interface enhancement to Flow Simulation, fan derating, that can be found in SOLIDWORKS 2020.

Simulation 2020: Is a bolt stiff like an engine or flexible like your hands?

Learn about what’s new with Distributed Connectors in this article covering the enhancements made in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020

In this video, we share our top picks now available in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020. These features include reporting functions as well as some electrifying enhancements for managing how reports look and feel. When creating 2D panel layouts, users can now add balloon callouts with the ability to customize the shape and size of the balloons. In SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 users can now assign a linear mass to each wire style and manage your own groups allowing you to cater SOLIDWORKS Electrical to your organizational needs.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 User Right Manager

With SolidWorks Electrical 2020 there are significant improvements to the user-rights management at a more granular level.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 Leader Lines – What’s New

New in SolidWorks Electrical 2020, Leaders for Notes and Blocks, a new functionality found in the cabinet layout and harness drawings…

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Automation – Propagation

The PROPAGATE command is another example of how SOLIDWORKS Electrical will not only increase your productivity but does so in a way that we can also ensure accuracy. Learn more.

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS PCB 2020

SOLIDWORKS PCB 2020 includes new functionality that makes managing, creating, and collaborating on your printed circuit board designs easier than ever. This video showcases new features so you can define and control your flexible board regions in either ECAD or MCAD.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS PCB

SOLIDWORKS PCB – Creating Your Own Schematic Symbols with Imported 3D Footprints

Are you new to SOLIDWORKS PCB or using SOLIDWORKS PCB with out of the box symbols and foot prints? If you want to make your own schematic symbols for your schematic drawings and 2D/3D footprints for the PCB. Where do you start?

Installing SOLIDWORKS PCB with PCB Services

Installing SOLIDWORKS PCB with PCB Services, the key to collaborative features in SOLIDWORKS PCB, SOLIDWORKS PCB Add-In, and the PCB Connector for Altium.






SOLIDWORKS 2020 Technical Communication tools lets designers and engineers communicate critical manufacturing information such as inspection reports, model data, and annotations quickly so teams can quickly transform new ideas into great products.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Technical Communication Tools

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2020 – What’s New

Visualize 2020 has added more functionality with MDL materials to allow the user to tweak the appearance more than was available in the previous version.

What is a “Waterfall” Feature?

Waterfall Features — Some SOLIDWORKS capabilities in higher packages (Professional and Premium) get rolled into the simpler packages over time. Let’s see what those are and find out if there are any for 2019.

Option File – A Great Solution for Managing Your SNL(s)

An option file for the SNL is a great solution when a company gets big enough that licenses need to be managed in a particular way. Learn more.

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020





SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 streamlines the data management process with improvements to the user interface, search enhancements, and functionality such as Bill of Materials and History of the document are now available in the WEB 2 client. SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 introduced the new 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Services for their cloud-based platform that allows companies to integrate their data managements and project management into a single solution.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020

ETS-Lindgren: PDM beyond CAD

ETS-Lindgren is a leading supplier of energy management solutions for the industrial & commercial markets & use SOLIDWORKS PDM to manage design files.

The PDM Administrator Experience

SOLIDWORKS PDM provides a convenient and intuitive experience to ease the difficulties of the PDM Administrator. Learn more in this post.

PDM Search Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 has introduced some great PDM search enhancements. In this post we explore these new search capabilities.

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020



SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020 continues to improve communication, reduce errors, and increase product quality with new features and functionality in the 2020 release. New features include Tab Cutting, which simplifies core (or drop) material removal during the machining process and Probe Tools that simplify in-process inspection.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020

SOLIDWORKS CAM Overview: Standard vs. Professional

SOLIDWORKS CAM, released in 2018, was one of the most exciting new products seen in years and represented a new chapter in SOLIDWORKS as a total manufacturing tool.

What do you know about SOLIDWORKS CAM? Let’s test it!

SOLIDWORKS CAM is a 2.5-axis milling and turning solution that is powered by CAMWorks, a SOLIDWORKS Gold-level solution partner in CAM since 1998. Learn more about this awesome tool.

Other Tools


Learn about Altair’s solidThinking portfolio that gives engineers simulation tools to design innovative products. Explore the options available in their flagship Inspire topology optimization tool to generate organic shapes that minimize the mass of a product without compromising strength.


The newest member of the F123 family, the F120, is in a league of it’s own. A professional-quality 3D printer at the price of a desktop system, this 10″ x 10″ x 10″ FDM machine is ready to print prototypes, jigs, fixtures, tools and more 24/7/365.


Learn about the latest updates to our Creaform product line. Obtain faster and more accurate 3D scans with new and improved hardware. Enhancements to the VX Elements software help you create quick, clean, high quality mesh data.