Stratasys J850 TechStyle

3D Print Full-color and Multi-material Directly Onto Fabrics and Textiles
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Fashion Designing Re-imagined

The power of 3D Printing is ready to take on the fashion industry. The Stratasys J850™ TechStyle 3D printer has made the impossible — possible. With the ability to create optical illusions of color and textures, fashion designers can now 3D print their creations directly on various fabrics and textiles providing the ultimate level of style.

I gravitate toward new technologies that afford me an opportunity to create something original. With Stratasys 3D fashion printing technology, the possibilities are endless. Honestly, it provides a chance to experiment, and I feel like I have only scratched the surface of what is possible.

- Karim Rashid – Fashion Designer

Learn More About the Capabilities of the Stratasys J850 TechStyle 3D Printer.

What Can the J850 TechStyle 3D Printer Do?


The Stratasys J850 TechStyle 3D Printer Offers Limitless Color Options for Your Designs.
Limitless Color
This cutting-edge technology provides access to over 600K colors and Pantone Validated™ palettes, available in both matte and glossy finishes.


Complex Texture 3D Printed on Fabric from the Stratasys J850 TechStyle 3D Printer.
Achieve varied transparency and textures by printing up to 7 different materials directly onto fabric simultaneously.

See How Fashion Designers Are Creating Unique Designs with the Stratasys J850 TechStyle 3D Printer.
The ability to combine different materials, colors, and textures in your designs gives you the freedom to push boundaries and create designs that are truly distinctive.

Creative Jacket Design and 3D Printed on the Stratasys J850 TechStyle 3D Printer.
Whether you're a designer looking to make a bold statement or a fashion brand seeking to set yourself apart, this 3D printer offers unparalleled versatility and opens up a world of possibilities for creative expression in the realm of textiles.


Large Build Volume

The J850 TechStyle 3D Printer offers a relatively large build volume, allowing for the creation of larger and more complex objects in a single print job. This is beneficial for industries that require the production of life-size or scaled-up prototypes, such as automotive, aerospace, and architecture.

The Stratasys J850 TechStyle 3D Printer Offers a Large Build Volume Printing Area.

Get Multi-Material 3D Printing with the J850 TechStyle Fashion 3D Printer.

Multi-Material Printing

The J850 TechStyle 3D Printer can print objects using a wide range of colors and materials simultaneously. It has the ability to create vibrant, full-color models with intricate details and smooth gradients. This makes it suitable for applications where aesthetics and realism are important, such as architectural models, product prototypes, and medical visualizations.

High Precision and Detail

The J850 TechStyle is capable of producing highly detailed and precise prints, thanks to its fine printing resolution. It can achieve layer heights as low as 14 microns, resulting in smooth surfaces and intricate features. This level of precision makes the J850 TechStyle suitable for applications that demand intricate designs, like jewelry, miniatures, and artistic sculptures.

Get High-precision and Detail with the J850 TechStyle 3D Printer.



Realistic & vibrant colors

– Multi-purpose, multi-color family of materials | CMYKBWV
– Good stiffness and strength
– Blend together or with other materials to change properties
      • Hardness | flexibility | translucency | heat resistance
– Wash-away or soluble support available

– VeroEco Flex versions with RSL (Restricted Substances List for Finished Products) compliant


Potential applications:

– Visually realistic prototypes
– Fit, form, and function prototypes




VeroUltra White, VeroUltra Black, & Veroultraclear 

Impressive contrast and color separation
Smooth color transition
Can be combined with various materials
Superior capacity application


Potential applications:

Toy & figurine production
Consumer electronics
– Packaging
– Fashion and Art
– Consumer goods



Simulated Rubber

– Flexible, rubber-like material
– Ideal for advanced design verification
– Superior durability, tear resistance, and shape memory
– Improved fatigue resistance for repeated bending & flexing
– Blend with other materials to change properties
• Hardness | Elongation | Tear resistance


Potential applications:

– Soft touch coatings
– Living hinges
– Jigs & fixtures
– Wearables




Full-color capabilities
500,000+ color simulations
–  Create lifelike medical models & realistic packaging


Potential applications:

– Simulating Pantone colors
– Medical applications
– Fashion and art
– Simulating finishes and textures


3D printing helped me take somebody from being inoperable to operable, and we saved her life.

- Raymond P. Burke, M.D. - Cardiovascular Surgery
Nicklous Children's Hospital Logo

STANDARD Materials
  • VeroUltra™ & VeroVivid™ family of opaque and transparent materials + neutral
    shades and vibrant colors.
  • Agilus30™ family of flexible materials: Clear, Black, White, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.
Digital Model Materials

Unlimited number of composite materials including:

  • Over 600K available colors in both matte and glossy finishes
  • Translucent color tints
  • Flexible tactile materials in a variety of textures and colors
Support Materials

SUP705™ (WaterJet removable)
SUP706B™ (Waterjet removable)

Printed Textile Testing*

ISO standards



Cotton Polyester


ISO 105-C06:2010 @40c (1-5)





ISO 105-C06:2010 @60c (1-5)





ISO 105-B02:2013 (1-8)





Build Size

Fabric Size Handling: min 560 x 460mm; max 2 x 2m
Fabric Thickness: 0.1-3.0mm
Interchangeable Tray for smooth production runs

Effective Printing Area

460 x 360 x 50 mm (18.1 x 14.2 x 1.9 in) on a stretch of fabric up to 2m2

Layer Thickness

Horizontal build layers down to 27-micron (0.001 in.)

Workstation Compatibility

Windows 10

Network Connectivity

Industry 4.0 Compliance

System Size and Weight

J850 TechStyle System:
1400 x 1260 x 1100 mm (55.1 x 49.6 x 43.4 in.); 430 kg (948 lbs.)

J850 TechStyle Material Cabinet:
1119 x 656 x 637 mm (44 x 25.8 x 25.1 in.); 153 kg (337 lbs.)

Operating Conditions

Temperature 18 – 25 °C (64 – 77 °F); relative humidity 30-70% (non-condensing)

Power Requirements

100–120 VAC, 50–60 Hz, 13.5 A, 1 phase; 220–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz, 7 A, 1 phase

Regulatory Compliance



GrabCAD Print - GrabCAD Printer Connectivity SDK

Build Modes

High Mix: up to 7 base resins, 27-micron (0.001 in.) resolution
High Speed: up to 3 base resins, 27-micron (0.001 in.) resolution


J850 TechStyle System: Typical deviation from STL dimensions, for models printed
with rigid materials, based on size: under 100 mm – ±100μ; above 100 mm – ±200μ
or ± 0.06% of part length, whichever is greater.

Software: Deviation from STL dimensions, for 1 Sigma (67%) of models printed with
rigid materials, based on size: under 100 mm – ±150μ; above 100 mm – ±0.15% of
part length.

Deviation from STL dimensions, for 2 Sigma (95%) of models printed with rigid
materials, based on size: under 100 mm – ±180μ; above 100 mm – ±0.2% of part

GrabCAD Print powers Strataysys 3D printers. Learn More with GoEngineer.

GrabCAD Print

GrabCAD Print makes 3D printing easy, with thoughtful features:

  • Automatically corrects files and reduces print time with automatic tray arrangement.
  • Calculates the time and material resources needed for production before printing.
  • 3MF file supported – significantly simplifies color assignment in your workflow.
  • New feature alerts the user if there has been cross-contamination with a biocompatible material.
  • Schedule and monitor the print job remotely from your mobile device or browser.
  • Get automatic alerts remotely when the job is printing and finished.


Frequently Asked Questions

The fixture for the Stratasys J850 TechStyle can support a maximum size of 460 x 360 x 50 mm (18.1 x 14.2 x 1.9 in) on a stretch of fabric up to 2m.
The Stratasys J850 TechStyle can handle materials with 0.1mm - 3.0mm thickness.

Yes, the Stratasys J850 TechStyle can print on leather.



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