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3D Scanning Apr 04, 2024

PolyWorks Inspector is a premium metrology and inspection package ideal for high-volume inspections, manufacturing line quality control, and advanced reporting - all wrapped up in a clean and easy-to-use interface. The biggest difference between PolyWorks and other inspection software (like Geomagic Control X and Creaform VXinspect) is that it can act as a measurement technologies hub. 

3D Scanning Mar 11, 2024

In this tutorial, we walk through the process of installing Creaform's VXelements software and help connect your account with the Product Manager. Before starting the installation process, first, ensure the system meets the software's requirements. VXelements typically require a Windows-based operating system, a Creaform 3D scanner (or other Creaform product), and sufficient hardware specifications. 



3D Scanning Feb 22, 2024

Today's 3D scanning technology opens up a new avenue to producing high-quality digital food models, with full-color high-resolution 3D printers able to bring them into physical reality. The first step in developing a 3D printed part is to acquire high-quality image data of the object. The quality of the image data directly affects the efficiency of the workflow process and the realism of the final product. Therefore, choosing the correct 3D scanner is critical. 

3D Scanning Artec Dec 05, 2023

Get ready to take 3D scanning to the next level. Artec 3D recently announced the new Micro II 3D scanner, a revolutionary addition to the world of 3D scanning technology. This professional desktop scanner, designed for digitizing small objects, has unmatched precision, lightning-fast speed, and innovative features. The Artec Micro II redefines how to capture the tiny world in three dimensions.


3D Scanning Creaform Nov 02, 2023

Creaform has done it again with another great product launched into their portfolio: the HandySCAN 3D|MAX Series. This new scanner focuses on scanning large parts fast without sacrificing accuracy. In this blog, we also cover some updates to the new Creaform Customer Care Packages.


3D Scanning Jul 24, 2023

Choosing an inspection software depends on several factors and should be prioritized in a way that’s unique to your organization. When evaluating different software, it's important to consider the unique standards or requirements of your industry, the learning curve of the software, the usefulness of automated tools, scalability as you develop more products, cost or return on investment, and integration with current MES or ERP systems. 



3D Scanning Mar 22, 2023

If you're thinking about bringing 3D scanning in-house but are unsure what scanner is the best fit for your company's needs, you're in the right place. This guide provides insights into using structured light versus lasers, (including the pros and cons of each), use cases, and questions to consider before buying a 3D scanner