Clear Decommissioned Workstation from SOLIDWORKS PDM Task Host List

Article by GoEngineer on Feb 01, 2017


When a workstation is enabled on a to be a SOLIDWORKS PDM task host it will store the host name in the file vault database table “Hosts” and be displayed under the “computers supporting a task” list when configuring tasks. In the event the host workstation is no longer on the network (for example system is renamed or decommissioned), the host workstation will remain in that table until it is removed manually.  The following steps will walk you through how to manually remove the workstation as a task host.


  • Attempt to deselect the add-in checkbox from the workstation through the Task Host Configuration dialog box before attempting the following steps.
  • Ensure the workstation has been decommissioned first. If the workstation is still available clear the checkmark next to the workstation name in the task properties under “computers supporting a task”. Then remove the permit checkmark from the client workstation Task Host Configuration settings.
  • Following these steps will modify SQL tables. Always have someone with SQL experience perform the steps to eliminate any chance of negatively affecting the SQL tables. Only make the changes outlined in this document.
  • Always perform a complete database backup before modifying SQL database tables. See ‘Backing Up and Restoring File Vaults’ section of the PDM Installation Guide for step by step instructions.


1. In the administration tool, open the “Task List”, sort by “host” column and remove all completed tasks linked to the host name you wish to remove.

task list solidworks pdm

2. Using the SQL management studio to back up the vault database before making any changes to the database. See ‘Backing Up and Restoring File Vaults’ section of the PDM Installation Guide for step by step instructions.

3. Expand databases -> tables, right-click table “dbo.Hosts”, select “Edit top 200 rows”.

edit top 200 rows solidworks pdm

4. Select the row containing the hostname to be removed, right-click -> delete.

remove row solidworks pdm
lear Decommissioned Workstation from PDM Task Host List

5. If deleting the hostname fails with constraint error similar to the following image, make sure all completed tasks linked to the host are removed from the completed task list in step1).

micorsoft sql server management studio

Note: If you have any questions concerning this document please contact our GoEngineer support team.

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