Configure a Computer to Be a Task Host: SOLIDWORKS PDM

Article by Derrick Franklin on Mar 16, 2016

The Tasks feature (for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) allows you to configure, run, and monitor tasks that you perform frequently on files in your vault. Found in the PDM Administration tool, the Tasks option enables convert, design checker, and print tasks for use with SOLIDWORKS files, as well as, an API that lets you write your add-ins for customized tasks.

To execute tasks on a computer, you must configure that computer to be a task host. This grants that machine task execution permission for each vault where tasks will be run. This document will provide step-by-step instructions on how to configure a computer to be a task host.

To configure a computer as a task host:

  1. On a computer you are configuring to host tasks, use File Explorer to log in to the vault.

    computer task host

  2. In the notification area to the right of the taskbar, click the PDM icon and click Task Host Configuration.

    task host configuration

  3. In the Task Host Configuration dialog box, select the vault name in the File Vault dropdown list where you want to permit task execution. The task add-in installed in the vault is listed.
  4. Under the Permit column, select the checkbox for the add-in(s) that can execute tasks on this computer. Click OK.

    task host configuration permit

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each vault and computer where you want to permit task execution.
  6. Go to the PDM Admin tool, log in as ‘Admin’, and double click the task under the Task node.

    SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin convert

  7. Click on the Execution Method link. Select the checkbox next to the computer name that you just made a task host, and click OK.

    execution method solidworks pdm

Your task is now set up to execute on that machine!


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