DriveWorks Pro Admin Stages Explained – Group Setup

Article by GoEngineer on May 13, 2018

In this first part of our series on the stages of the DriveWorks Professional Administrator interface, we will be going through the three areas, Security Settings, Group Tables, and Autopilot Settings.

DriveWorks Pro Admin Stages

Figure #1 – DriveWorks Professional Administrator Dialog

Security Settings:

This task provides the ability to create Users and Teams of Users to control access to editing and specifying projects and also handle captured information.

DriveWorks Pro Admin Group Setup Security Settings

Figure #2 – Stage 1: Group Setup – Security Settings

Within this section, you can create, edit, rename, and delete Users and Teams. The reset and clear password commands are only used on Users.

Selecting a Team and clicking on the Edit command will produce a new dialog (see Figure 3).

On the General Tab, you can change the display name, and determine permission options for the members.

DriveWorks Pro Admin Editing Team General Tab

Figure #3 – Editing Team – General Tab

Within this section, you can create, edit, rename, and delete Users and Teams. The reset and clear password commands are only used on Users.

The Project Permissions tab allows you to determine which projects members of the Team can Edit, and/or Run (see Figure 4).

DriveWorks Pro Admin Project Permissions tab

Figure #4 – Editing Team – Project Permissions Tab

The Users tab is used to select who belongs to this Team (see Figure 5).

DriveWorks Pro Editing Team Users tab

Figure #5 – Editing Team – Users Tab

The Group Table Permissions tab allows control of viewing, editing, or explicit denial of access to all tables under the Group Table task (see Figure 6).

DriveWorks Pro Group table permissions tab

Figure #6 – Editing Team – Group Table Permissions Tab

Selecting a User from the list and clicking on the Edit command produces a different dialog with only two tabs (see Figure 7). The General tab allows editing the displayed name, email if the user is a Team Leader, and if the user is Enabled or not.

DriveWorks Pro Editing User General tab

Figure #7 – Editing User – General Tab

The Teams tab lets you add or remove the user from any or all teams (see Figure 8).

DriveWorks Pro Editing User Teams Tab

Figure #8 – Editing User – Teams Tab

Group Tables:

Group Tables give access to tabbed data stored here to all projects within a group.
The data held in a Group Table can be accessed through all the certain table functions in a rule like (DWVLookup, HLookup, ListAll, etc.) (see Figure 9).

DriveWorks Pro Group Setup Group Tables

Figure #9 – Stage 1: Group Setup – Group Tables

The Group Tables task allows you to Add, Rename, Delete, and View/Edit tables. While adding or editing a table you can either manually enter data or copy/paste data from another program like Excel.

Autopilot Settings:

This task allows you access to any and all Autopilot machines connected to the Shared Group (Individual Groups not supported). From this task, you can determine what roles each carries out and start and stop the service on each (see Figure 10).

DriveWorks Pro Group Setup Autopilot Settings

Figure #10 – Stage 1: Group Setup – Autopilot Settings

Please see the following links for more information on this stage and the tasks within it.

Security Settings:

Group Tables:

Autopilot Settings:

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