Configuration and Automation Software

What is DriveWorks?

DriveWorks is a configuration and automation software ideal for "similar but different" products.  DriveWorks gives you the toolset to build your own automation for SOLIDWORKS Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings as well as supporting documentation (Proposals, Emails, Manufacturing data etc.). Once the configurator is built it can be shared internally or externally with desktop application, web, and even mobile access. DriveWorks’s scalable solution is an automation fit whether you need to generate slightly different tooling for each project or want to provide your customers a rich web-based sales configurator.

Capture Your Design Data

DriveWorks shows up as an add-in into the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane. It allows you to capture all of the elements from SOLIDWORKS Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings that you will control in your DriveWorks Project. Capturing means that those elements are controllable via rules and could change based upon user inputs.

In SOLIDWORKS Parts you can capture Dimensions, Features, Custom Properties, and even file formats you may save the generated model as (PDF, DXF, DWG, etc). In SOLIDWORKS Assemblies you can capture and drive instances and replacement models and in SOLIDWORKS Drawings you can capture sheet information, notes, annotations, and even view scales and positions.

Learn How DriveWorks can help you capture your design data

DriveWorks helps you Build Rules to Drive Your Models and Documentation

Build Rules to Drive Your Models and Documentation

The Rule Builder within DriveWorks enables you to drive the captured features, dimensions, patterns, custom properties, and much more with constants, variables, logic statements, and familiar excel-like functions. Tedious and repetitive changes to models can be written into the DriveWorks project reducing the number of errors and freeing up engineering resources to work on more custom designs.



The Form Designer in DriveWorks is a powerful tool that allows you to build a user interface your project. You can create multiple forms, guiding your end user through the different inputs needed to generate SOLIDWORKS models and supporting documentation. Form Controls range from simple text input boxes to complex and dynamic drop lists; even linking to external databases. You can also setup your forms to adapt to the screen size being used. Whether on a Desktop, Tablet, or Phone you can create a consistent and branded end user experience.

Form Designer from DriveWorks Helps You Create User Interfaces

DriveWorks offers a great return on investment that increases the more you automate.

Watch your Return On Investment Grow

DriveWorks is a scaleable tool that offers an increased return on investment the more you automate. To get an idea for what kind of ROI DriveWorks could offer you, check out the DriveWorks ROI Calculator .

As you expand your product automation, tools like DriveWorks Pro let you share the configuration abilities with anybody that needs them. This means your entire engineering team, sales team, or even customers can easily configure the products they need.

By starting small on your automation journey, it lets you get small wins, leading to a rapid return on your investment. Get started now and start automating!

Get Pricing for DriveWorksXpress from GoEngineer

  • Entry Level Design Automation
  • Included Free in Every License of SOLIDWORKS
  • Found Under the Tools Menu in SOLIDWORKS


Get Pricing for DriveWorks Solo from GoEngineer

DriveWorks Solo

  • Powerful Design Automation
  • Automate Models and Drawings
  • Configure and Preview in SOLIDWORKS
  • Includes Templates for Sales, Quotes and BOM
  • Free Online Training, Help File, Webinars and Sample Projects
  • Sold and Supported by GoEngineer


Get Pricing for DriveWorks Pro from GoEngineer

DriveWorks Pro

  • Modular Design Automation and Sales Configurator
  • Build an Impressive, easy to use online 3D Configurator
  • Enable Your Engineers, Sales Teams and Other Non-technical Users to Configure Custom Desings Quickly and Easily
  • Configure on Any Device, Anywhere
  • Send Eye Catching Documents Automatically
  • Add Individual Software Modules to Suit Your Needs
  • Integration with SOLIDWORKS PDM and Other Company Systems Including CRM, ERP & CAM
  • Sold and Supported by GoEngineer


Compare DRIVEWORKS Packages

Drive Dimensions, Features and Custom Properties

Drive Color, Material, Textures, and Advanced Feature Properties

Drive Instances and Replace Components (with existing files or dynamically driven files)

Create additional model file formats (STEP, STL, PDF, DXF, JPEG, etc.)

Full control over new model file names and locations


Generative design – create new features on the fly (configurations, insert components, mates, etc.)

Create a drawing for each part and assembly

Create multiple drawings for each part and assembly

Create additional drawing file formats (PDF, DXF, DWG, JPEG, etc.)

  Control Drawing Sheets, Views, Annotations, and Layers


Run additional tasks on the fly (Auto Balloon, Arrange Dimensions, Rescale and Position Views, etc.)

Create XML Based Documents

Fully customizable document creation (from Word, Excel, XML, etc.)

Send HTML emails with attachments

Immediate generation of SOLIDWORKS models and drawings

Real Time Preview (On Demand) – updates model while specifying

Automatic generation – unattended generation of outputs

Basic Form Controls (Text Box, Numeric Text Box, Drop Down, Spin Button, Check Box)

Enhanced Form Controls (Hyperlink, Label, List Box, Option Group, Picture Box, Slider)

Advanced Form Controls (3D Preview, Child Specification List, Data Table, Date Picker, Frame Control, Macro Button, Upload Control, etc.)

Multiple form creation with dynamic navigation

Support for responsive forms (allows re-positioning of controls when used on screens of different sizes)

Use tabular data to calculate rules

Create internal data tables

Use dynamic data from ODBC Data sources in rules (SAP, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, etc.)

Pull and Push data dynamically to and from SQL Server Databases using SQL or Windows authentication

Web Service integration – communicate with any web service OR use DriveWorks as a web service

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (Automatic check-in of models, drawings and documents)

3rd party system Integration

Online Configurator and DriveWorks 3D



Learn how Span Tech uses DriveWorks to increase annual sales.

Span Tech Decreases Costs with DriveWorks

Find out how Span Tech uses DriveWorks to automate their engineering process to get more out of their SOLIDWORKS. By capturing the design intent and creating a user-friendly environment, they were able to:

  • Reduce time spent in engineering by 90%
  • Decrease costs, leading to offering products to customers 12-15% cheaper than the competition
  • Make drawings available to customers the next day

Read More >

WEATHERGUARD DriveWorks case study.

WEATHER GUARD Uses DriveWorks to Accelerate Sales Cycle

Ride along and discover how WEATHER GUARD took their vehicle upfitting business to the next level with DriveWorks Pro. By adding a live configurator their website, they've seen:

  • An expected annual sales increase of 5%
  • Reduction of 3 days for a lead to get to a distrubutor
  • A minimum of 1 day reducation in labor time from the engineering process

Read More >

Learn how PS Doors increased throughput by 300% with the help of DriveWorks.

PS Doors Gets More Done with DriveWorks

Enter the world of DriveWorks with PS Doors and learn how they changed their entire design process. By doing more with less, PS Doors has forever revolutionized their business by:

  • Increasing throughput by 300% with only a 25% increase in the design team size
  • Rethink the power of a "pack and go" with SOLIDWORKS with true design automation
  • Provide highly customized products in less time to exceed customer expectations
  • Quickly create accurate quotes and automate tedious office tasks

Read More >

Start Your Success Story

Learn more about DriveWorks and how YOU can optimize and scale your business. With DriveWorks automation, you could:

  • Increase annual sales
  • Expand your engineering abilities
  • Enable customers to customize their products
  • Send accurate, automated quotes in a click
  • Create eye-popping 3D renderings
  • Grow your reach with a full CPQ solution
  • And so much more


You can retrieve your free activation code for DriveWorksXpress by opening SOLIDWORKS, going to Tools > Xpress Products > DriveWorksXpress and following the link to

How do I get started with DriveWorks? free activation code
You can get a 30 day trial of DriveWorks Solo by going to the following link. (You will need to create a DriveWorks Community account).

Learn How to Get a Free Trial of DriveWorks

DriveWorks projects can be ran through the DriveWorks add-in to SOLIDWORKS, a standalone desktop application, and through the web.

DriveWorks offers a SOLIDWORKS Plugin

For DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks Solo, the users need to have access to a seat of SOLIDWORKS. With DriveWorks Pro, you can have remote generation of models and documents.
There are 5 components of DriveWorks Pro; Administrator, Pro Server, Autopilot, Live, and User. Administrator lets you build your project, Autopilot generates models, Live and/or User lets you request models, and Pro Server ties everything together. The modules work together to host your DriveWorks project in a single environment. Available modules with Driveworks Pro

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