DriveWorks Pro Admin Stages Explained – Specifications

Article by GoEngineer on May 18, 2018

In this final blog in our series on the stages of the DriveWorks Professional Administrator interface, we will be going through the two areas, Specification Explorer, and Personal Web Edition.

DriveWorks Pro Admin Specifications

Figure #1 – DriveWorks Professional Administrator Dialog

Specification Explorer:

The specification explorer is where new specifications are created from projects, and existing ones viewed and modified (see Figure #2).

DriveWorks Pro Admin Specification Explorer

Figure #2 – Stage 6: Specification – Specification Explorer

You can create a new specification, refresh the list, open the containing folder for a specification, show any archived specifications, and then perform any actions listed in the specification like finishing and releasing.

The interface also allows you to view the documents for a specification, reports for the specification which will allow you to find warnings and errors that happened within the specification and finally reports about model creation.

Some other helpful tools are shown below:

  • Test Mode – Allows project rules to be analyzed within a specification.
  • Rule Profiler – A collection of rule specific error debugging, performance solving, insight features that allow a user to see what is happening in Specifications.
  • Model Insight – A essential tool for understanding how a model is generated by DriveWorks.

Personal Web Edition:

This feature of DriveWorks Administrator provides local access to see exactly how projects will look when accessed over the internet (see Figure #2).

DriveWorks Pro Admin Personal Web Edition

Figure #3 – Stage 6: Specification – Personal Web Edition

Please see the following links for more information on this stage and the tasks within it.

Specification Explorer:

Personal Web Edition:


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