DriveWorks Pro Admin Stages Explained – User Interface

Article by GoEngineer on May 14, 2018

In this article in our series on the stages of the DriveWorks Professional Administrator interface, we go through the three areas, Form Navigation, Form Design, and Form Messages.

DriveWorks Professional Form Navigation

Figure #1 – DriveWorks Professional Administrator Dialog

Form Navigation:

By using Decisions, you can selectively decide whether to show specific forms based on values the user has already entered. A “Details” form is created by default and automatically linked into the navigation (see Figure #2).

DriveWorks Professional Form Navigation

Figure #2 – Stage 2: User Interface – Form Navigation

In this section, you can create forms, add decisions between forms for navigation, build rules, rename, delete, and use the Overview window if your form layout is too large for your screen.

The “Add Form” button allows you to create a blank form (see Figure #3).

DriveWorks professional Add Blank Form

Figure #3 – Stage 2: User Interface – Add Blank Form

The “Add Form” pull-down menu allows you to insert a template instead of a blank form (see Figure #4).

DriveWorks Professional Add Form Template

Figure #4 – Stage 2: User Interface – Add Form Template

Selecting “Add Form Template” opens the following dialog (see Figure #5) which allows you to select from a collection of built-in templates.

DriveWorks Professional New Form Template Dialog

Figure #5 – Stage 2: User Interface – New Form Template Dialog

In both dialogs “Add Form” & “Add Form Template”, you have to enter a name for the new form. The name cannot be the same as another form or contain any non-alphanumeric characters other than an underscore.

The “Add Decision” button allows you provide some logic into the form navigation similar to how an IF/THEN statement works (see Figure #6).

DriveWorks Professional Add Decision

Figure #6 – Stage 2: User Interface – Add Decision

Once you provide a name for the decision, next step is to drag the True/False points in the decision to the appropriate form (see Figure #7).

DriveWorks Professional User Intercface Add Decision

Figure #7 – Stage 2: User Interface – Add Decision

Form Design:

The Form Designer task allows you to create the interface for the users to work with. There is a large number of controls and flexibility in how the form interacts and shows information.

The following screenshot (see Figure #8) will show the areas of the form designer, but the specifics of the controls including adding, moving, aligning, and setting up will be covered in its own document.

DriveWorks Professional form Design Areas

Figure #8 – Stage 2: User Interface – Form Design Areas

Form Messages:

The Form Messages task allows you to create messages that can be used with controls to indicate when users have typed in values which are invalid and provide details on the correct values required (see Figure #9).

You can add, delete, and build rules for each message. When using these with controls, just make sure that you double-check the message number as this is how you associate the message with the control.

DriveWorks Professional Form Messag

Figure #9 – Stage 2: User Interface – Form Messages

Please see the following links for more information on this stage and the tasks within it.

Form Navigation:

Form Design:

Form Messages:

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