SOLIDWORKS Manage Client Install Guide

Article by Francisco Guzman on Sep 02, 2020

This guide will walk you through the process of installing SOLIDWORKS Manage in a client computer. A server installation must have been complete and a configuration file created. For the client to successfully connect to the Manage server, a floating license must also be available.

Installing Manage on Client

  1. 1. Modify your Individual SOLIDWORKS installation.
    1. Navigate to Programs and Features > Right mouse click and “Change” the current SOLIDWORKS installation > When the Installation manager window opens select Modify and click Next.
    2. Note that the product selection screen in step 2 below will also be available on the initial installation of SOLIDWORKS.
  2. On the Product Selection screen, select the following and proceed with the installation.

    SOLIDWORKS Manage Client Install product selection

  3. Once the Manage client has installed, open the Manage client application. Start Menu > SOLIDWORKS 20XX > Click on SOLIDWORKS Manage 20XX

    SOLIDWORKS Manage Client Install

    1. Note that upon opening the Manage client application, you will be prompted to find a configuration file. This configuration file contains the necessary encrypted information to connect to your Manage servers. Your in-house Manage Administrator should have the configuration file or would know where it is paced in your machine.
    2. If your SOLIDWORKS PDM is linked to Manage, your configuration file may have been deployed with your PDM client. This means that your configuration file could be found under

      C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS PDM\Plugins\YourVaultHere\{Pick any bracketed folder name}.

      You may have to try multiple folders within this directory to find a configuration file with file extension .swmc.

  4. Enter your Manage Username and password that was created for you by your Manage Administrator and click OK.

    SOLIDWORKS Manage Client Install Template

  5. A successful connection will show the screen below.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Client Install Successful connection


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