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Article by Quinton Rocke on Nov 13, 2019

Save as Copy with a Subset of Configurations

Some of my favorite enhancements each year are the small ones.  The ones that maybe don’t exactly allow you to do something you couldn’t do previously.  Instead, they allow you to stop using a workaround to accomplish the same thing. Along those lines in SOLIDWORKS 2020 you can now save a copy of a part or assembly with only a subset of configurations. Previously you had to save a copy with all configurations then delete out the configs you did not want in the copied file.

To save a copy with only a subset of configurations in SOLIDWORKS 2020 you don’t go to the File, Save As command as one might expect. Instead you go to the ConfigurationManager, and right-click on a configuration or the top-level file then choose “Save Configurations”.

The active configuration is always selected by default and can’t be unselected so if you do not want that included you should make sure to activate one of the desired configurations you want in your copied file before right-clicking and choosing “Save Configurations”. Once you pick your desired subset of configurations you click the “Save Selected” button to open the Save As dialog.

solidworks 2020 save a copy subset configurations

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